Upcoming Exhibitions

Reach for the Stars

January 17 – April 10, 2016


This exhibition of interactive, hands-on devices will allow visitors to experiment with space and concepts related to astronomy. The core of the exhibition will be ten exhibits funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, that currently tour the U.S as a one of our traveling science exhibitions. Exhibits include Gloves in a Box,a device that allow you to feel of the difficulties that astronauts face while working in a spacesuit, Apple Gravitywhich allows you to feel how heavy an apple would be on different planets in our solar system, and Mars Rocket where you must have superb timing to land a stand in for a spacecraft on the plane Mars.



Energy Interactive!

October 16 – December 31, 2016

This exhibition will display interactive, hands-on exhibits designed and constructed through a grant from the Alcoa Foundation through an award to the University of Southern Indiana. The science exhibits will be the culmination of a project involving USI faculty, student interns, and area teachers to create a set of exhibits that fulfill Indiana state learning standards. Concepts to be explored include: the conversion of energy, the uses of energy and the transfer of energy in physical and natural systems. After the conclusion of the exhibition, the exhibits will be made available for loan to Indiana schools by the university. The goal of the exhibits will be to explore the science behind different energy systems.