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Trilobite Collection Exhibits Fossils of the Shallow Seas

Made Possible in partnership with Alice and John Nugent

Trilobites are an extinct class of arthropods that were found in shallow seas that once existed in what is now North America. These animals lived, thrived and vanished from the planet millions of years before dinosaurs walked the Earth. Today, the only record of their existence is found in fossils. No living ocean relative exists today.

Over 200 fossil Trilobites from around the world will be presented in this educational and informative traveling exhibition through July 19. The exhibition will include specimens, graphic panels, and interactive units, all of which provide a look into the life and death of these once plentiful creatures.  

TRILOBITE TEASURES:ARTHROPODS OF THE ANCIENT SEAS was organized by award winning paleontologist, Joe Kchodl. An expert collector and curator with an eye for the beauty in nature, the collection provides a unique snapshot of life in the ancient seas 250-500 million years ago. Kchodl has amassed his traveling collection of Trilobite specimens over a period of 35 years. Fossil preparation tools and techniques will be on display along with various unique artifacts from around the world.

By bringing this material to life, visitors can see first-hand a perfect example of the exquisite beauty found in nature leave with a better understanding  of extinction events that can impact even once plentiful animals.




Exhibition Highlights the Importance of Making Good Choice in Daily Health

The modern American lifestyle has contributed to a health crisis that is affecting our entire country, and it’s time to do something about it! TO MY PLATE AND BEYOND encourages healthy eating habits for visitors of all ages. Children and their families will learn how fruits, vegetable, grains, proteins, and dairy are all part of healthy food choices.

Explore the world of healthy eating choices with exhibition characters Max and Munch and discover the benefits of healthy eating habits. This family friendly interactive exhibit encourages a healthy lifestyle by teaching the science of making the right food choices and showing children and adults there are many exciting ways to stay active. The exhibition, which continues through July 26, will help visitors of all ages recognize that you have the power to select balanced meals, and make good food choices no matter where you are—at home, in the car or eating out.

Exhibits include: Super Market, Home Dining Room, Kitchen and Pantry, Urban Garden, Restaurant and Drive Through and Hot Plate—a lively interactive unit that will get you moving by stepping on footpads while you move to the music of grains, veggies, fruits and more.

To My Plate and Beyond was produced by the Purdue Agriculture Exhibit Design Center. This exhibition was made possible by The American Dairy Association and Indiana’s Dairy Farm Families.