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Action!: Early Theaters of Evansville

January 26 – April 27


Presented in memory of DORIS SANDERS HALWES

As in most communities, entertainment was an important facet in the development of Evansville. A significant portion of these activities revolved around Evansville’s theater facilities. With the January 26 – April 27 exhibition Action! Evansville’s Historic Theaters, many of the historic structures that housed legitimate theater and motion pictures are examined.

In the early years of Evansville’s theaters, plays and musicals were common fare. Later, vaudeville acts and road shows performed at these venues. By the early 20th century, silent movies arrived and, in the ensuing decades, the stars of Hollywood appeared on the City’s silver screens. This exhibition will follow the evolution of theaters in Evansville through the middle of the 20th century. Featured will be images, architectural elements, and costumes that interpret this fascinating facet of Evansville’s past.

Action! Evansville’s Historic Theaters is presented in the Evansville Convention and Visitor Bureau Center for History and Science. 



Decades of Change: Evansville 1900-1945

April 14 – Ongoing



Presented in partnership with the EVANSVILLE COURIER & PRESS

From 1900 through Evansville’s major involvement in the World War II home front effort, the City experienced many important events as it and the nation transitioned from the horse and buggy era to the atomic age. Opening in the Town Hall and Arms for Victory Galleries this exhibition examines a period in which Evansville experienced a major race riot; two major floods; dedicated Bosse Field; welcomed Evansville College (today’s University of Evansville); opened its first airport; endured the Great Depression; and became a major producer of war goods as the United States and the Allies battled the Axis powers during World War II.